A World of Tech

Technology has progressed exponentially, from when I started school until now.  For reference, I started school in 2005, and I remember hardly using computers and other electronic resources in the classroom.  Fast-forward to today, technology is almost essential in the classroom.  By technology, I mean electronic resources.  Some of these resources include: smartboards, laptops, cell phones, and tablets in many cases.

As we talked about in class, people are getting a digital footprint at a younger age than ever, and children as young as 11, on average, are active on social media accounts. This digital world can be very useful, but also very dangerous.  The internet allows you to access millions of resources from anywhere in the world. In Michael Wesch’s YouTube video titled An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube,” it is described that “anyone with a webcam has a voice and presence” (Wesch, 2008). This is a scary thought to me, as I just mentioned how children as young as 11 on average have a social media account, and can put forth their own content. 

This, to me, illustrates how important it is for educators to teach online safety.  Students need to be aware of the potential dangers out there.  It is very common for people to catfish, or hack and steal peoples’ personal information. In addition, if students know that they should not post things that may be unattractive to future employers or other people of importance, it may discourage them from posting them and potentially ruining their future.  Students must be educated so they do not fall into the traps of the online world.  

I have highlighted lots of the dangers associated with this online world.  There are also many benefits that this online society has to offer. Teachers and students have access to more resources and ways to find information than ever.  You can literally search for anything and you will be greeted by thousands of links to resources to help you.  This is amazing for education, as students can have visual representations of anything, or use alternative resources if traditional methods are not working for them.  In my classroom, technology will be integrated, as the resources it offers are simply too substantial to ignore. Students will need to be educated on their safety before any of this is possible.

The internet is a wonderful place.  It brings people closer together and opens up a world of opportunities for people.  The crucial piece here is that people need to be educated on the dangers of the internet.  Just like anything else, whether it be a job or a sport, there are safety hazards that must be addressed before people cause harm to themselves or others.  The internet is no exception.

Published by ltf131

I am a second year student at the University of Regina in the faculty of Education. I major in mathematics, minor in phys ed, and compete on the track and field team here at the university.

One thought on “A World of Tech

  1. Very well written post!
    It truly is wild that such young kids can have a social media presence even before they can talk.
    I find it difficult to teach students about how their digital footprint can leave an impact for future employers. This seems quite out of reach to grasp, for some.
    Do you think the technology obsession will improve or only get worse as new technologies surface?


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