Flippin’ Out Pt.6

This week was a huge stepping stone in my progress. Using that app illustrated in my last post called “Structured Day Planner,” I was able to make time for myself to work on my flip, and make some quality progress.

This week I worked on my mobility, particularly in my knees. I will link the youtube videos I used below, as they really helped me make progress. With track and field picking up, I have been lifting lots of heavy weight lately. The jumping element of the backflip did not help this at all, and I needed to do something before I got hurt. That is why I Planned this week to be a mobility week.

I focused on my knees and hips. One week in and I am already noticing a difference. For this reason, I have incorporated the exercises in the videos below into my warm-up and cool-down routine, in order to keep my body healthy.

The reason I am doing this is in preparation for a big week ahead. I am heading to Saskatoon to visit my girlfriend, where we have plans to go to a trampoline park. Being at the trampoline park will give me the space I need to practice the motions in a safe manner, and actually give this flip a try. I am nervous for this, but also excited to see where my progress has gotten me.

In addition, my girlfriend will be there. She is a former gymnast who has competed at the national level and knows how to do a backflip on solid ground. With her coaching, and the work I have put in, I feel like I am on track to maybe land my first backflip this weekend!

Published by ltf131

I am a second year student at the University of Regina in the faculty of Education. I major in mathematics, minor in phys ed, and compete on the track and field team here at the university.

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