Flippin’ Out pt 9

This week was a very productive one in my progress to doing a backflip. I was able to gain access to anytime fitness in order to practice the drills that were shown in my previous post.  The videos of these drills are linked below. 

         Overall, I feel like I am ready to perform the flip.  The only thing standing in my way is the mental aspect.  As long as I have a proper spotter, I am confident, I just need to find that person.  

         Like any other activity, there are things I can still work on that I see when looking at the videos.  I have plenty of height on my jump, and have no problem performing the jump and tuck. The biggest issue I see was the back-somersault motion.  The way I see it, I roll backward in a very awkward way.  It takes me a while to roll backward, when it should be a smooth motion with little to no hesitation.  

         Nonetheless, I believe that if I keep working on the motion it will become more natural, and I will be able to do the motion better when I eventually decide to actually attempt the flip.  I am very happy with the progress made this week, and I look forward to continuing making progress.

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