Flippin’ Out pt.10

Since my last update on my backflip progress, changes have been made in the track and field world.  Our training is broken into 6-week blocks.  We just began the next block, which means we change our lifts, and they generally get harder.  To sum that all up, I am extremely sore, and have been for the past couple weeks.

This has not stopped me from making more progress in my backflip.  My project has been centred around training to prepare my body for the execution of the flip, which I plan to complete in the next couple weeks, before the semester ends.  The new lifts have been excellent for this. I have incorporated lots of abdominal exercises, as well as lot of jumping exercises.  My favourite one being the power clean.  This exercise is a full body exercise that rapidly builds power, which is exactly what I need for the flip.

Moving forward, my plan is to take good care of my body and adjust to the lifts I am doing in order to be in the best possible shape for the flip, although I feel like I am there. I just need to make sure that I stay healthy and do not suffer any setbacks. I am really hoping gyms and athletic facilities do not close, as that would throw a major wrench in my plans.

2 thoughts on “Flippin’ Out pt.10

  1. It’s great to see how confident you are in completing your goal before the end of the semester! I am looking forward to seeing the final results? Wishing that all goes well within the next few weeks!


  2. Hi Logan, I also hope gyms don’t close but I guess only time will tell. It looks like you are making some good progress on your backflip journey. I think lifting and taking care of your body will be a major advantage to get this done. Good work and good luck!


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