Technology in The Classroom, is it Effective?

I have recently been exploring the concept of technology in the classroom and whether or not it is useful.  This is a very abstract idea as technology and the ways we use it is fairly new to all of us, both teachers and students. Although it is relatively new, technology in the classroom is an amazing learning tool, with so many great features and ways to support that statement.

            Among the many benefits associated with using technology in the classroom, Webanywhere and their team have highlighted six of the most prominent benefits we see in technology being integrated in our classrooms.  One of these points that stood out to me the most was the idea that technology “[e]ncourages individual learning” (Webanywhere, 2016) among students.  As we know, each and every student is different.  This also means they learn differently.  Online resources provide a great supplement to this theory, as “students can learn at their own speed, review difficult concepts or skip ahead if they need to” (Webanywhere, 2016).  This allows for us as educators to control the pace of our classrooms, and provide the best quality education to each of our students.  Some students may need extra work, others may not need it at all. The seemingly infinite number of resources we can access on the internet allows for this to happen in an effective way.

Technology can be enjoyable in addition to being effective in teaching

            I keep mentioning all these resources that help students learn.  One may ask, what are these resources.  In my case, over the course of my time in school, as well as my ventures in post-secondary education, I have encountered many useful resources that I plan to use in my future classrooms. Nearpod is a site that is powerpoint-based, and uses interactive features for students learning, as well as assessment.  It is one of those sites that seems to do anything for you. Other sites include kahootmathleticsmentimeter, and canva just to name a few. In addition, there are so many videos on sites such as YouTube that we can use to help enhance our students learning experience.  The point I am trying to make is that there is an endless amount of websites and interactive platforms we can use to help our students in their learning and understanding of the material we are presenting. With this, we can address the needs of our students at all levels in the classroom by both simplifying, or enhancing the difficulty of the content we are teaching.  

            Technology is amazing in the way it can be integrated into our classrooms and really enhance the learning that takes place in our schools.  There are all sorts of websites, gadgets, and ways we can deliver the material to our students that are much more effective and can also enhance their understanding on the topic.  We as educators know what level our students are at and how much help they need.  By using these amazing technological tools that are provided in an effective way, we can better address these needs and help our students to get the most out of their education.

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