Logan the Mentor

This semester in EDTC400 we were to mentor and help out our peers from EDTC300 through online interactions and sharing resources. Although I started off the semester slow, as we progressed through the semester together it proved to be a very rewarding experience.  This online school thing has put a damper on everyone’s lives.  I am no exception to this as I have found it very tough to stay engaged with school as I normally would.  The peer mentoring was an excellent way to meet some new friends, something we are all surely lacking through Covid times.

            I began the semester getting to know my mentees through Slack. This went on right through the Christmas break, where I began commenting on the EDTC300 blog hub. I got to know my mentees and explore their learnings in a whole new light.  This was particularly interesting because I was in their shoes no more than a couple months ago, as I took EDTC 300 in the fall semester.  With the busyness of daily lives always getting in the way, whether it be work, training, or family time, it was sometimes a challenge to get to each of my mentees blog every week.  However, the weeks I was able to make this happen proved to be very rewarding.  Just as exploring my own classmates’ blogs, I was able to gain so many new perspectives on teaching.  As mentioned, I was in that class a few months ago, which struck home as they were all posting on the same topics I had.  With this information still being relatively fresh in my head, I had a good understanding of what they were talking about and the viewpoints they arose.  Also, talking with them on Twitter proved to be very beneficial and rewarding. As we followed each other, they would each show up in my feed posting about their educational findings and resources.  It was a great way for e to expand my horizons and interact with more fellow educators.  I believe that the more people you can interact with, the better when it comes to this profession.  More viewpoints and ideas can only enhance your teaching pedagogy, which is why I put so much value on these interactions.

            This project taught me lots about teaching.  Not only the insights my mentees provided, but just having others to interact with in general.  I learned so much about how the ideas you gain from others can help you in the classroom.  My classmates and I would share ideas with each other, then I would find my mentees have also shared educational resources that develop my pedagogy even further.   This has shaped my future classroom in the way that I can understand better how managing it works and how our best resource is each other.  Students will learn if we set them up for it the right way.  What better way to set them up then to use things you have learned from others to provide the best possible experience.  We are there to educate, plain and simple, so helping and assisting each other is only going to make the result of this teaching better for our students, and us as educators as well.  

            I would like to conclude my post and this semester by thanking my classmates and mentees for all their input and ideas.  I believe so much learning has taken place, and will continue to take place through our interactions.  We are each-others’ most valuable resource when it comes to education, so why not utilize that to our fullest potential?

Here is my link to only blog posts with my mentees and our interactions.  Enjoy!


Along with this is my Twitter where I interact with many peers about education


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