Flippin’ Out pt.7

Before I begin, I would like to apologize. I was originally planning to get videos of me attempting my flip when I went to Apex Trampoline Park in Saskatoon. With the recent Covid protocols, I was not allowed to bring my phone on the floor, so sadly no footage this week. However, I still madeContinue reading “Flippin’ Out pt.7”

A World of Tech

Technology has progressed exponentially, from when I started school until now.  For reference, I started school in 2005, and I remember hardly using computers and other electronic resources in the classroom.  Fast-forward to today, technology is almost essential in the classroom.  By technology, I mean electronic resources.  Some of these resources include: smartboards, laptops, cell phones, and tablets inContinue reading “A World of Tech”

Flippin’ Out pt.5 (Structured- Day Planner)

Much of the struggle I have had in keeping up with my backflip training thus far has been finding time to do it. This week, I tried to use some online resources to deal with this issue, and get back on track. While I would not consider myself behind on where I need to be,Continue reading “Flippin’ Out pt.5 (Structured- Day Planner)”

Esports as Extracurricular?

With the help of Feedly, I have been able to find many useful resources to learn and expand my teaching pedagogy!  Communicating with other professionals and sharing ideas allows educators to gain more insight and adopt different ideas to enhance their teaching.  As a future teacher, I have so much to learn personally, and who better toContinue reading “Esports as Extracurricular?”

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